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Authorization to Advertise Call to Artists


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The City of Edmonds Arts Commission (EAC) has developed two Calls to Artists (attached) for upcoming public art projects. In the defined public art process (Ord 1802; 2667; 2786) (outline attached) the City Council approves Calls to Artists before they are advertised. The EAC works with staff to develop the Call to Artists. The attached Calls were reviewed at the January 6, 2020 EAC meeting and approved to forward to City Council at the February 3, 2020 meeting.


The two projects are 1) Civic Park, and 2) the Edmonds Library Project.  For each of these projects a Selection Panel (usually 5 - 7 members) will be established that includes one representative from City Council, representatives from the Arts Commission, and representatives from each site, as well as other members of the community. The final recommended design for each project will be presented for approval at City Council with a public hearing.


The goal of the Civic Park public art project is to create a welcoming feature at the primary entry point to the park off of 6th Avenue. Several potential sites were identified by the design team for the park. Some of these may be sites for future art elements in the park, but two sites for a major artwork that will be developed in conjunction with the park development were selected by EAC for the initial project. As an undeveloped site, the EAC recommends an integrated design process as the best option.  This process allows the selected artist to work with the design consultants, contractors, and community and create an artwork which integrates well with the overall park design. Up to five artists will be selected for interviews at a public meeting and one will be recommended. The selected artist works with the design team and community to develop a proposal presented at a public meeting. The budget is $90,000 for the artwork with an additional $2,500 budgeted for reimbursable travel expenses for finalists traveling from over 50 miles. The total is $92,500. 


The goal of the Edmonds Library Project is to create a welcoming artwork installation in the front of the Library, an area that is being re-landscaped after the unused book drop is removed. A site-specific proposal process will be used since the site already exists, has fixed conditions and there is adequate time for proposal development by finalists.  Up to three artists will be selected to develop proposals. The proposals will be presented in a public meeting and one proposal will be recommended for the final project. The budget is $110,000 for the artwork with an additional $1,100 design fee to each of the three artists developing site-specific proposals and $2,000 budgeted for reimbursable travel expenses for finalists traveling from over 50 miles. The total is $115,300.


$140,000 is budgeted for 2020 in the 117-200 (Municipal Arts Acquisition Fund, 1% for Art).  The percent for art revenue for Civic Park is approximately $60,000. This fund includes private donations of $35,000 pledged for the Library Project.


$30,000 is budgeted for 2020 in the 117-100 (Municipal Arts Fund, General).


As recommended by the EAC, the remaining $37,800 will be drawn from the fund balance in 117-100 in 2021. The projects are expected to be completed in 2021 thus the remaining funds will be allocated as part of the 2021 budget process.