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Ordinance amending ECDC unit lot subdivision application procedure (AMD20190005)


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Category:Public Hearing



The unit lot subdivision process was adopted in 2017 to allow for the creation of "fee-simple" residential ownership opportunities (e.g., allowing townhomes to be individually owned) in certain multifamily and commercial zones.


Since 2017, three fee-simple projects have been approved and several more are at various stages of the review process.  Based on that experience, staff has identified the need for a minor change to application timing within the unit lot procedure to make the associated building permit reviews more efficient for both staff and applicants.


The existing code allows an applicant to apply for a unit lot subdivision together with design review, together with a building permit application, or after a building permit application is submitted.  Applying for the unit lot subdivision after the building permit application leads to processing inefficiencies.  To streamline the process, unit lot applications should no longer be accepted after building permits are submitted.  Proposed language is shown in a redline/strike-out version of subsection (C) of ECDC 20.75.045.


New language is also proposed in that subsection for unit lot applications on sites that are already built-out.  The intent is emphasize the need to comply with current building code separation requirements in such circumstances.