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Employee Separation Agreement


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Category:Consent Agenda


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The subject employment with the City will end on June 1, 2020. Staff is proposing this separation agreement to finalize the terms of this employment separation.

Necessary and Routine

It is necessary for the City Council to take action on this now because the employee has already signed the separation agreement. But the employee’s signature on the document does not make it binding. Therefore, the City Council must authorize the mayor to sign the separation agreement. Any delay in authorizing the mayor to sign the separation agreement subjects the City to uncertainty that this agreement is intended to avoid. So, council action is necessary now.


This City Council action qualifies as routine under the OPMA proclamation because the City Council would not typically seek public input on the terms of an employee separation agreement. In the past, separation agreements have been acted on through the consent agenda. Guidance from the Attorney General’s office suggests that the “routine” prong of the test is designed to prevent the City Council from acting on items that the public would typically be expected to provide feedback on, like a significant new policy. But, administrative matters like this, where public input would not typically be sought, should qualify as “routine” under the OPMA proclamation.